Beware the philanthropists bearing gifts!
Dr Simon Thurley says the wealthy must start to fund our public buildings. Seems a good idea. The philanthropy solution to the retreat of the State. But one thing is a worry: what if “the wealthy” are wealthy landowners or wealthy mining companies? (As they may well be). What if they generously offer to give money towards the upkeep of a castle in one part of the country but also happen to want permission to build executive houses right up to a hill fort in another part of the country? It would be good if it could be explained how rich people who pay pipers in one place won’t call the tune to make themselves richer in another. Let’s face it, this idea probably originated with the Government so it’s worth asking the question!

How good is this!


It’s from the introduction to a teaching aid issued by English Heritage. Prehistory being given prominence in the curriculum. We like that. As our colleague “Tombo” wrote for us in 2004 in “Reclaiming Prehistoryit’s time for “the myth of barbarism to be lifted from our prehistory and for our ancient places to be given the care they deserve.”

Naughty but funny…