A guest post by Heritage Action founder member, ‘Goffik’.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote an article about the modern megaliths of North Wales. I know full well it’s far from comprehensive, but these were just the sites that we stumbled across on our travels. We had no idea that any of them existed until we chanced upon them, and so they were – each and every one – a complete surprise!

One that inexplicably slipped my mind at the time was one of the newer modern stone circles – built, as it was, in 2010 – called “Poet’s Corner”. It is to be found in the fabulous Greenwood Forest Park, in Snowdonia. Each of the 16 enormous slate slabs – all locally sourced from Penrhyn Quarry in Bethesda – has been engraved, by Maricraft Slate World in Blaenau Ffestiniog, with Welsh poetry, which is translated into English on a nearby information board.


The feeling upon entering this circle is quite amazing. The stones are huge, and you get a wonderful sensation of security and isolation, and being separated from the outside world. Quite an achievement in a 3-year-old structure in the middle of a theme park!

You may be wondering what place an article about modern stones has on a journal concerned with preservation of ancient sites. For the vast majority of people, megalithic structures barely register on their everyday lives. Many don’t know of the existence of stone circles, other than Stonehenge. To bring to people’s consciousness the possibility that other such structures exist, and to instill in them a feeling of respect toward them, is surely a good thing. Hopefully, seeing these modern stones will encourage people to want to find out more about their origins, and that they will have a connection with them.

A modern circle is often, also, more accessible for some, as accessibility wasn’t always to the fore in our ancestors’ thoughts when constructing their monuments! And who knows? One day, with any luck, they, too, will be thousands of years old…

If you’ve visited, or know of similar modern circles in your area, Please do write in and let us know of your thoughts about such places. Many thanks to Goffik for sharing his.