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Huw Davies  A professional photographer from Oswestry is one of the many campaigners hoping to save the Hillfort from development.

“Top level talks not necessary!”   (C) Huw Davies  A professional photographer from Oswestry, one of the many campaigners hoping to save the setting of the Hillfort.

There are to be “top-level talks” between “interested parties” about the hill fort. For what purpose? “To look at how greater public involvement could be brought into the issue” and “to explore the issue in more depth”…. but that still prompts the question: WHY?!

After all, the public (in the form of the Hands Off Old Oswestry Hillfort campaign) don’t need to explore or be involved in something they don’t want to happen. Nor does Oswestry Town Council – which says it won’t agree to anything that would damage the historical impact of the hillfort. Nor does Gabowen Council which says it opposes anything which would impinge upon the setting of the fort and nor does English Heritage – which is duty-bound to champion the settings of such places – or (at worst) to manage a process of change if it’s inevitable but not to facilitate, initiate or negotiate it when it isn’t!

So who needs this meeting? No-one that has the Hill Fort’s welfare in mind. All they need is an email saying the proposal has been withdrawn! Only those that want the development to go ahead could want a meeting. As we’ve pointed out previously there’s the tactic, as ancient as humanity, of asking for more than you want in order to be able to negotiate a lesser amount that you always had in mind. Let’s hope that tactic fails and that those who don’t want the setting of the hillfort damaged at all don’t get talked into settling for anything less.


October 2013

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