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by Nigel Swift

Ed Vaizey (and others) say we (and others) quoted his “heritage heroes” words out of context for he was referring only to “responsible” detectorists. But it wasn’t us who concealed the context, it was him. For absolute proof , see the certificate he awards to those who heroically donate their treasure finds to museums (we’ve filled it in so you get the idea.) What’s notable is that he doesn’t give one to more than 90% of his heroic, responsible detectorists who find treasure as they don’t donate their finds, they insist on being paid a reward!


Teasu Cetificate6.

That’s quite an omission if you’ re hailing them as heroes is it not? It’s not us who are failing to present things to the public in context, is it? If reality is to be spun so blatantly what’s next? Exemplars? Paragons? Sorry to complain Mr Vaizey (and Mr Badger) but you’re both too young to recall how kids used to hand stuff they found in the fields to their local museum because that’s where they belonged. I can, and I can’t adjust to the idea that these days 9 out of ten finders screech uncouthly for a maximum reward and STILL get falsely called heroes by two Culture Secretaries. I’m afraid I find that crass and stupid and wrong and whatever the Government and a few others say it brings unique shame on Britain.


November 2013

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