good job.

The feedback from the new visitor centre yesterday was nearly all positive. The architecture works well (whatever happened to the holes in the roof?!), the exhibits are impressive (although rather limited in scale) and of course the location, just out of sight from the stones, is a huge relief. It still remains to be seen how things will work out when maximum tourist numbers turn up but the general consensus seems to be: so far, so good ….

One issue did seem to keep coming up though – the fact that as from February it will be necessary to book in advance. A lot of people are complaining about that, saying an  element of spontaneity has been removed. They have a point, so the question arises, why? There’s plenty of room inside the visitor centre and at the stones so if there’s any lack of capacity it must be the parking or the land trains. Surely the answer is to increase the supply of both of them rather than cause irritation by imposing a system of pre-booked timed tickets? With gate receipts of £15 million a year, it’s hard to see why there should be a shortage of anything crucial to a good visitor experience. Or have we missed something?