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We hope you all enjoyed the festivities of the last few days, however you decided to celebrate. Hopefully the head’s not too bad after last night?

Herewith, slightly later than we originally anticipated, are the answers to our small Christmas Eve Quiz, how many did you get right?


  1. In March, one of the Time Team regulars was named ‘Archaeologist of the Year’. But which team member gained the honour? – Phil Harding
  2. Who first proposed the ‘Three Ages’ (Stone, Bronze, Iron) dating scheme as used in modern archaeology? – Danish archaeologist Christian J. Thomsen (1788–1865)
  3. Which of the following have not appeared in our ‘Antiquarians’ series: a) W. Stukeley, b) W. Camden,  c) J. Leland, d) W. C. Borlase, e) J. Aubrey, f) R. Colt-Hoare. – J. Leland
  4. Richard Carew was famous for his ‘Survey of Cornwall’. In which year and where was he born? – Richard was born in 1555, in Antony, Cornwall.
  5. Professor Mick Aston sadly passed away earlier this year, but (without looking it up!) in which month did he leave us? – June 2013.
  6. What do Roger Penny, Tom Robinson and William The Conqueror have in common? – They have all been responsible for the part destruction of a prehistoric site (Priddy Henges, Avebury and The Marlborough Mound respectively)


  1. Wayland’s Smithy, Hetty Pegler’s Tump and Belas Knapp are all types of which class of barrow? – Cotswold-Severn  Long Barrows
  2. Which ancient monument is said to be the birthplace of Queen Guinevere? – Oswestry Hill fort
  3. Which ancient site is known as “The Druid’s Wheel” ? – The Rollright Stones, in Oxfordshire.
  4. From a stone at which ancient monument is Arthur said to have drawn Excalibur? – Mitchell’s Fold stone circle, Shropshire.
  5. A Bronze Age “crystal” pavement was uncovered for the first time in almost 80 years in September this year. Where? – The Hurlers, Bodmin Moor, Cornwall
  6. Name at least 4 of the iron age hill forts / enclosures visible from the Clifton Suspension Bridge. – There are at least 8, pick any 4 from: Stokeleigh Camp, Clifton Down Camp, Burgh Walls, North Stoke, Freezing Hill, Stantonbury, Maes Knoll, Tunley.


  1. In which year was the Piltdown Man hoax perpetrated? – The ‘find’ was first announced in 1912, but denounced as a forgery in 1953
  2. What was built sometime in the winter/spring of 3807/3806 BC? – The Sweet Track, in Somerset
  3. What was found this year at the Ness of Brodgar earning it’s discoverer a bottle of Whisky? – A Carved Stone Ball.
  4. The worlds oldest Bog Body was discovered in 2011, it was revealed this year that he suffered a typically violent bog body death. Where was he found? – ‘Cashel Man’ was discovered in Cashel bog, Co Laois, Ireland.
  5. What was the name of the expedition and cave where an excavation revealed over 1000 hominid fossils in South Africa in October and November of this year? – The Rising Star Expedition in Sterkfontein Cave.

That’s your lot! We hope you enjoyed the quiz, and will return with another competition in the Spring/Summer of 2014 (unless we have any bright ideas before then!)

The Duddo Stones, Northumberland


Duddo Stone Circle


The Duddo Stones – Image Copyright Barbara Carr and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.


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