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And so the calendrical cycle begins again…

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Last year, we suggested 6 New Year Archaeological Resolutions that people might like to take up. In a spirit of ‘practise what you preach’, how exactly did we do here? I can only write from my own personal viewpoint on these, but here’s how I fared:

Visit New Sites

I visited several new sites this year, mainly whilst on holiday in Cornwall it has to be said, but I didn’t quite manage the one-a-month required to meet this particular resolution. Two personal favourites were the Goldherring and Mulfra settlements in West Penwith. Both totally overgrown, the imagination has to work hard to see how things used to be, amidst the ‘lumps and bumps’. If you need some inspiration for new sites to visit, don’t forget our ‘12 Days of Christmas‘ posts, which may give you some ideas.

Join an Archaeological Society

No new ones here for me, but as a member of the CBA, the Cornwall Archaeological Society and RESCUE, I think I’m covered as I renewed all three memberships again this year. I’m currently considering up one or two local societies closer to home for 2014.

Take a course

Personal fail. I started the CourseraDirty Little Secrets‘ course which is to be held again this year, but family illness prevented me from keeping up with the schedule last year and I dropped by the wayside when I got too far behind to be able to upload my submissions on time. I doubt I’ll have time for anything similar in 2014 either as other projects are vying for my time, so I’ll drop this resolution from my personal list for 2014.

Attend a Conference

Current Archaeology Live!  is a favourite on my calendar now, and I plan to attend again this year. Keep an eye on our Diary Dates articles for details of conferences etc. as we get them.

Involve the family

Whilst I didn’t attend any of the CBA events for their Festival of Archaeology, I’ve managed to drag my better half along to several community events and Open Days around the country (my kids are now far too grown up to drag them along with me!) She even met Archaeologist of the Year Phil Harding, Dr Francis Pryor and several of the Dig Ventures gang along the way too!

Contribute to the Heritage Journal

I’ve not personally written as much as I’d hoped this past year (a few posts each month), but it’s been gratifying to see some guest posts from our members and other readers scattered throughout the year, so a few of you have taken this one to heart! More please.

How did you do? Shall we all try to keep the same resolutions this year? Leave a comment if you managed all six, or have any ideas for other Resolutions.

Gaulstown Dolmen, Waterford




Gaulstown Dolmen – Image Copyright Kieran Campbell and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.


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