The image below was taken from the Countryside Alliance Twitter feed last week. Leaving aside the ethics of hunting, on Boxing Day or any other day of the year, let’s take a look at the morality of the situation.


The Mendip Farmers Boxing Day Hunt at the Priddy Nine Barrows….

Can it be considered ‘right’ to trample all over a scheduled ancient monument with a herd of large animals such as this? Let’s not forget, these barrows were the last resting place of one or more individuals’ remains. What would be the reaction if the hunt trampled through a local churchyard or municipal cemetery causing wilful damage?

Just sayin’…

Incidentally, a couple of hundred yards to the North, in full view, is Mr Penny’s handiwork on the Priddy Circles. You’d think, wouldn’t you, that people in the Priddy area would now understand the importance of not disrespecting or damaging scheduled ancient monuments? Or are they going to say they weren’t disrespecting it or causing damage and that townies and people from English Heritage don’t understand country ways?

Or is it simply that they knew it was wrong and damaging (how could they not!) but it was just too good a vantage point from which to watch a terrified animal fleeing for it’s life?