Owen Patterson, the Oswestry MP and Environment Secretary who refuses to raise a finger in defence of the local hill fort seems to be changing his attitude. He has just told a group from Oswestry that he supports them!

Not the hillfort group though. A rhino group. They- and he – are bitterly opposed to poaching in Kenya. See here (scroll down).

So why does he care about rhinos but not hill forts? Well, he read History at Cambridge. Not Prehistory. See? And as for rhinos, his family had a leather business and he’s President of the European Tanners Association so he probably has the hide of one. Well, not probably, definitely, else he wouldn’t have the very first words on his website “I represent the people of North Shropshire” !

So what can we deduce? Well two things maybe.
First, Mr Paterson’s instincts for conservation only operate in West Africa.
And second, rhino poachers aren’t Tory party donors.