The Oswestrians

And when we are old we can tell people we remember all this when it was fields….

[ Image Credit: Huw Davies ]


For the information of those children:
The up-to-date position is that the Town Councillors (who won’t be around when you are old) have given a bit of ground but, in the words of yesterday’s  press release from Hands Off Old Oswestry Hillfort …

“Although it is objecting to houses on Oldport Farm (OSW003) in their current form, the Council is not demanding they are removed, and is accepting the largest parcel of houses off Whittington Road (OSW004) unopposed. But in response to HOOOH’s objections, the Council has added a binding condition requesting that Shropshire Council follows ‘due diligence to ensure that the heritage assessment [is] compliant with NPPF [National Planning Policy Framework] through an independent evaluation.”

So not exactly a message to the future which says “we did our utmost to protect the setting for you”……