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A couple of strange stories from Wiltshire this week. They sound like hoaxes but aren’t.

First there’s the news that for the summer season The Crop Circle Information Centre is to move into the Wiltshire Museum! At first sight that seems a bit strange for a scientific institution although Museum director David Dawson said: “Having the CCIC here is a natural progression in our interest in the Wiltshire landscape” which is of course a logical justification. It’s to be hoped though that as a scientific and educational institution the Museum has a prominent notice up somewhere saying ….. “there’s zero verifiable evidence that any crop circle is attributable to anything other than bipedal terrestrials!”

The other story comes from a Wiltshire village we can’t name. Their recent Parish Council draft minutes say: “Visit Wiltshire 2014 Guides available to download at: The Chairman said “XXXXXXX was not featured in the guides on purpose and as part of the WHS strategy to key down promotion of XXXXXXX”. It seems that the “tacit agreement” made in the eighties about not actively advertising the village (because it has limited capacity for coping with visitors) is still in force. But you’d have to wonder if keeping quiet about it has ever resulted in anyone not knowing about it. There are quite a few mentions of it on the internet, to put it mildly. It’s also worth wondering if The Crop Circle Information Centre will avoid telling visitors about it?

Anyway, although we can’t name the village we can at least show you a picture of it….

XXXXXXX, Wiltshire (with some features blanked out to avoid identification).

XXXXXXX, Wiltshire (with some features blanked out to avoid identification).


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