As we’ve banged on about before, we’re convinced that the more prehistory is taught in schools the less damage ancient sites are likely to suffer. So we were pleased to read about two initiatives this week:

First there’s this excellent initiative based in Cheshire: Schools History – providing school visits covering KS2 and 3 modules for the Neolithic, Anglo-Saxon, Viking and Medieval periods.

Then in Worcester, (following the The Practitioners forum on the teaching of prehistory which we covered recently, there’s an after school session for teachers  being run by Worcs Archive & Archaeology Museums service “To help support teachers who will be teaching Prehistory as part of the new national Curriculum.” They say :“We know from conversations that many teachers are not sure where to start as they are unfamiliar with the subject. On the 4th June we will be running a session to help, hosted by Worcester City Museum & Art Gallery who currently have an Iron Age exhibition running.”



(As you can see, it contains one particular segment that’s absolutely invaluable – well it would be for us anyway …. a “Bluffer’s Guide to British prehistory”! )