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Last weekend,  a group of diverse individuals came together at the Rollright Stones, in Oxfordshire for the latest Heritage Journal Megameet. The weather stayed fine, if a little chilly at times, and a good crowd turned up from all corners of the country, including all the usual suspects. There was much discussion covering a variety of topics, many involving an appreciation of old stones, rock art, cave paintings, wildlife and the power (and use) of social media. And of course there were the stones to appreciate: The King’s Men circle, the King Stone and the Whispering Knights burial chamber.

'Emmet' gets up close and personal with the Whispering Knights.

‘Emmet’ gets up close and personal with the Whispering Knights. © Alan S.

A swirly, whirly King Stone. © Alan S.

A swirly, whirly King Stone. © Alan S.

Jane Tomlinson, the Heritage Journal’s ‘artist in residence’ created a very quick iPad ‘doodle’ of the stones, which given the light/screen glare and the time involved was considered an impressive piece of work by all who saw it on the day. For your delectation and delight, we’ve been given permission to reproduce it for the masses, below (click to embiggen).

© Jane Tomlinson

The King’s Men. © Jane Tomlinson

Some quotes from some of the participants on the day:

  • “Loved every minute of it, only wish it could have been longer”
  • “Great to meet old friends again”
  • “Such a shame we can’t do this more often”
  • “Even the kids enjoyed themselves”
  • “Such a lovely bunch of people!”

Planning for next year’s meet will begin soon – there has been talk of a possible overnight camp for those hardy souls who indulge in such things (and have a distance to travel).


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