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NASA says the archaeological remains at the Apollo landing site (for such they are) are important to mankind and a priceless human treasure and must be protected – so they want to establish a protection zone of at least 1.2 miles round them. Few would argue with that.


Apollo 17 Lunar Heritage Site: protection limit 1.2 miles

Apollo 17 Lunar Heritage Site: protection limit 1.2 miles


Meanwhile, back on Earth, the National Trust recently echoed their words, sort of, when they said the Stonehenge Landscape is among the most precious places on the planet“. Few would argue with that either.

But there the similarity ends for despite what they said then, the National Trust have just announced they’ll support a proposal to create a massive cutting in that landscape within walking distance of the actual stones. That makes them look pretty bad compared with NASA, but they also look pretty bad compared with themselves: years ago they said any tunnel HAD to be at least 2.8 miles long, now they’re saying a 1.8 mile tunnel will do – that’s a whole mile shorter and with entrance cuttings projecting a whole mile further into the World Heritage Site. Yet it’s the same World Heritage Site, the only difference being that loads more features and sites have recently been discovered within it. Can anyone explain that?!

Or this: right now on the HS2 route through the Chilterns the National Trust are insisting on a 15 mile tunnel – more than eight times longer than at Stonehenge!




Please sign the “Save Stonehenge World Heritage Site” petition.


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