By a correspondent

“It reminds me of all the times going down to Devon and Cornwall on holiday … I’ve been many times before, the times when I did pester my mother to stop on the way.”

The Prime Minister David Cameron was reminiscing on Monday about engaging with Stonehenge from the A303. This is how countless people have engaged with Stonehenge since it was built, and continue to do so. So why would anyone want to remove that opportunity by introducing a tunnel?

The Prime Minister’s childhood visits were in the early 1970s, when as he rightly stated: “You could clamber all over the stones and thankfully you can’t do that anymore.” Access to the stones was restricted in 1978 to protect what by 1986 was recognised as an important part of a World Heritage Site (WHS). It can similarly be argued that a tunnel is for the greater good of the WHS, providing it is long enough. The 1.8 mile (2.9 km) tunnel the Prime Minister favours falls short of protecting the WHS, and instead threatens two large areas of it with tunnel entrances and infrastructure. We need a longer tunnel Prime Minister – one we can all give the Green Light to!


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