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People are being invited to submit their own messages to be carried on a proposed British mission to the Moon, but we’ve been there and done that 7 years ago, in fact we’ve done rather more.

The Hands off Stonehenge message blasting off from Cape Canaveral on 27 September 2007

Our message on board spaceship Dawn blasting off from Cape Canaveral on 27 September 2007

It was launched at about the time when the first “short tunnel” was to be commenced and people were invited to submit their names to be carried on board so we asked for Handsoff Stonehenge to be included. It was. The vessel has so far travelled 2.9 billion miles. It has spent the past year orbiting asteroid Vesta and has recently set off for dwarf planet Ceres.

So our message of absolute opposition to the short tunnel is written unalterably in the sky – literally –  and unlike the National Trust we can’t change it!


If you believe we should do right by the whole Stonehenge World Heritage Site not just part of it and you agree with The Stonehenge Alliance that the short tunnel is too short please sign the petition


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