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An archaeological dig in Exning (Suffolk)  has just thrown up some surprises, both in archaeological terms and the reaction of local people. Persimmon Homes are building 120 new homes and Archaeological Solutions have been carrying out the site investigation. Many Anglo Saxon and Bronze Age features have been excavated and the day before work was to finish they unearthed their most significant find, a warrior buried with his sword and dagger.

The real surprise though was the proactive response from local people, concerned that the dig may have ended prematurely.  Councillor Simon Cole has written to the planning authority asking if the developer could be asked to extend the archaeological search to more of the site. He commented: “These are really significant finds, and have only been revealed by this excavation as the geophysical survey of the site did not pick up the graves. Who knows what else may be out there we could find Bodicea and her chariot.”

Let’s hope the people of Exning get their way. They may not as investigations are very expensive of course. However, according to Andy Peachey of Archaeological Solutions, “Persimmon has funded the excavation and as a developer they have been most generous and flexible in their approach to archaeology”. So maybe they won’t resist the idea of extending the dig. Building 120 houses presumably nets them a pretty massive amount of money so they can probably afford a bit more generosity!


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