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Ever heard PAS or the Government say “not reporting detecting finds is immoral?” How come? Well, Britain is special. It’s the country where theft of society’s knowledge of it’s past isn’t morally indefensible – even though it used to be. Back in 2001 PAS asserted “The Scheme believes that people have a moral obligation to their heritage.” Not now though. They won’t even say not reporting finds is irresponsible so there’s no chance of them saying it’s immoral!

Why the change? We think it dates from when it became evident that most detectorists take “voluntary” to mean “not necessary”. At that point, for the Scheme to assert reporting was necessary on moral grounds would be to point out a too-painful truth to their partners and indeed to their funders. Thus, “moral obligation” has been dropped. Oh to be a British artefact hunter, free of an obligation to the rest of society! Oh to be a taxpayer not having to fund a fiction!


Bonkers Britain, unique in the world, has painted itself into a corner where theft of society's knowledge can't be described as immoral. Don't believe us? Write to PAS, or one of the FLOs or the Government. Ask them straight out: "do you think not reporting detecting finds is immoral?" If they don't say yes you'll know we're right.

Bonkers Britain, unique in the world, has painted itself into a corner where theft of society’s knowledge can’t be described as immoral.  (Don’t believe us? Write to PAS and ask them if it is!)


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