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It will soon be the CBA’s Festival of Archaeology and it’s time for us to express our annual complaint that metal detecting ain’t archaeology. If anyone wants to argue otherwise we’re ready and waiting. In particular we were unimpressed by this scheduled Festival event:

Charnwood day of archaeology  East Midlands | Leicestershire Sat 25th Jul 2015

A day looking at the archaeology of the Loughborough area, run in conjunction with the Loughborough Coin And Search Society, with newly discovered objects to view and hands on activities including the chance to try your hand with a metal detector.

We aren’t fans of The Loughborough Coin and Search Society and don’t think it is engaged in archaeology. Here’s what we said about it 3 years ago. You decide.

“Beat this, Tescos! Out of the ground and sold to customers the same day! The Loughborough Coin and Search Society’s “Detecting Liaison Officer” (yes!) has just revealed that providing a day’s detecting for his 50 club members will net a farmer £400. Or, a large weekend rally could earn him “up to £8,000″. Not half bad for opening a gate to a field that’s perceived by the customers to be “productive” (or “an unprotected archaeological site” as archaeologists would term it!)

But there’s more to the story than that. The club is merged with a coin collecting club and it lets the artefact hunting members take their finds back to club HQ to finds tables and flog them to the coin collector members. Tidy. Rumours that the operation is overseen by a gent called Fagin are yet to be denied. However, the fact the farmer doesn’t get to see the stuff but is later sent “a brief resumé of what was found” suggests it may not be Mr Brownlow, Oliver’s charming old grandfather.”




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