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Stonehenge transport

Each day this week the Heritage Journal is asking English Heritage for transparency in relation to their management of Stonehenge. Today we ask about the transport arrangements.

Dear English Heritage, We see on 27 July you applied to vary the planning permission granted for the Visitor Centre (S/2009/1527/FUL), revising the drop off details “to facilitate use of buses in addition to land trains”. And yet back on 7 April EH, you are cited by the media as stating of the land trains: “They have all gone for the moment. They went about a week ago. We do not know when they will be back. The land trains are being serviced and will be offsite for several weeks while we also take the opportunity to look at design improvements.”  The land trains were then replaced with buses months ago, unless of course they are set to make a return, and the introduction of buses was just about accommodating “increased visitor numbers” as your planning application states.

Perhaps then EH  could you make a few things clear please: we would like to know exactly how much the land trains cost in total, exactly why they were withdrawn, why they are now being stored off site, how much this is costing each month, who ultimately is picking up the tab, and are they being brought back or are you sticking with buses?

If you have a question you would like English Heritage to answer about their management of Stonehenge, send it in to the Journal, if publishable we will see what we can do!

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