Each day this week the Heritage Journal has been asking English Heritage for transparency in relation to their management of Stonehenge. Today we send the following memo to English Heritage’s new Chief Executive, Kate Mavor :

Customer facing staff at Stonehenge have a difficult job made harder by the frustrations of the public. Despite this English Heritage always had some excellent operational staff at Stonehenge. It is then telling to compare staff directories of five years ago and today to reveal a sea change of key staff connected with Stonehenge. One does not expect such a change to take place without impact. Hence from what you have been quoted as saying Kate about the “impact of change and development on heritage”, it is to be hoped you can make time to take a hands-on detailed interest in what has been happening at Stonehenge!

It is very clear that the public and media have deep misgivings about a number of issues. They are entitled to expect better in the management of the nation’s most famous state owned monument, and we feel that a change of course would be widely welcomed along with the restoration of some dignity to the site, would it not?


If you have a question you would like English Heritage to answer about their management of Stonehenge or any other site, you can still send it in to the Journal, if publishable we will see what we can do!
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