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Eight years ago ( on Thursday 6th December 2007) the plan to create extensive new damage to the Stonehenge landscape was finally abandoned. The Journal carried this statement:

“We are delighted to join with many other concerned bodies such as the National Trust and the Stonehenge Alliance in welcoming the government’s announcement…… We can do no better than to quote from the statement by “Save Stonehenge”: “It’s an absolute scandal that English Heritage has actively campaigned to bulldoze a dual carriageway through the Stonehenge World Heritage Site for almost a decade. With the Highways Agency, it has squandered millions of pounds of public money designing a wholly inappropriate road scheme that would have wrecked this iconic landscape forever. It’s good riddance to the road, but serious questions now have to be asked about why English Heritage was trying to destroy a sizeable chunk of England’s heritage.”

How times change! The “absolute scandal” is back, with English Heritage once again actively campaigning to bulldoze a dual carriageway through the Stonehenge World Heritage Site. Not a complete surprise perhaps as there seems to be a problem with its corporate DNA (ask the people of Oswestry!) but this time, unlike the first time when they were vehemently opposed, the National Trust is actively campaigning for the creation of massive new damage too! Anyone who knows why they’ve done such an astonishing U-turn, please say. The Trust hasn’t said and it’s possible no-one now in the organisation knows the answer and they might be grateful for an explanation. We hear some of them are very unhappy and embarrassed!


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