Tomorrow Shropshire Council will finally decide whether to damage the setting of Oswestry Hillfort. Many people will attend and the tireless “Hands off Old Oswestry Hillfort” has just issued them with a stirring call to arms  There’s little we can usefully add except to wish well to all those who wish the hillfort well.



But maybe we could say one thing to the councillors, if any of them read the Journal. (They do!). It’s this: HOOOH has said that the circumstances surrounding their Council Leader and his recent departure mean that if the councillors approve the hillfort estate the Council will be forever tainted with doubts over the integrity of its decisions. Nowhere are the reputations of all concerned more clearly shown to be in jeapardy than in the words which the Council Leader voiced in the press on behalf of the Council last June:



Yes, you read it right ladies and gentlemen of the Council! He said you knew the public opposition was huge so you decided to approve the development so that the public could better express its opposition! Well Councillors, that was outrageous, wasn’t it? But now the public and its nationally prominent experts have taken up your invitation to express their opposition and they have done so in full – and in doing so have demolished every one of your pro-development arguments to a forensic level of detail. So perhaps now it’s time for you to accept what everyone else can see and to begin to recover your reputations.  We sincerely hope you will opt to enjoy your first guiltless Christmas for years!