We have nothing useful to add to the widespread indignation expressed about Channel 5’s decision to air a re-branded version of “Nazi War Diggers” tonight.

Update: it has now happened. Two excellent accounts of it are here and here. Quotes of the night from the participants, surely: “There’s black diggers over there. We’ve got to be thorah as if we leave anything they’ll ‘ave it!” and from his colleague (who sells Nazi memorabia for a living: “they want to get the artifact out of the ground, History be damned and go sell it and I have a problem with that”. Idiots indeed (and ditto the universal mindless praise coming from detecting forums. Are you watching, Mr Government?)

So instead, here’s a lighthearted January puzzle to take everyone’s mind off all self-seeking grubbers!

january puzzle 1.

(Answer next week!)