Foothold (fo͝ot′hōld′) noun: A firm or secure position that provides a base for further advancement.

What has that to do with Oswestry? Well, here’s the land all the fuss is about, as seen from the top of the hillfort. Pretty bad, yes?



But in fact it’s only a foothold. Here it is, shown in blue.



You can be absolutely certain that if OSWOO4 squeezes through then in a very short time the developers will push hard to develop the other areas, shown in red. Why can we all be so certain? Because they’ve already tried immensely hard to do so and  at no point have they said they won’t do so again. The HOOOH website has just published compelling evidence that the developers’ agents have already started that process.

Mendacious moneymen, conniving councils and gutless guardians all use precedents as crutches to support what is otherwise unsupportable.  OSWOO4 is most certainly a precedent in waiting. A foothold. If there’s anyone left in Oswestry or anywhere else who thinks building on OSWOO4 is no big deal let them look at the above image.