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According to “Irish Metal Detecting” on Twitter…..
A public debate on the uk Portable Antiquities Scheme at a venue in blanchardstown crowne plaza was rearranged due to intimidation of guest speakers from the uk. The debate arranged by the Irish Metal Detecting Society was open to the public and archaeologists and of course those who enjoy the hobby of metal detecting. While the debate was cancelled a number archaeologists decided to meet with Liam Nolan (event organizer) privately to express their concern at the cancellation of the debate and the reasons why it was cancelled. A number of politicians have also expressed concern at the cancellation and have agreed to look further into the matter.

Well! If the “bullying” comprised the British Museum criticising its own employees and refusing to pay their air fares to Dublin, good!

If the “bullying” comprised the National Museum of Ireland taking offence at employees of the British Museum trying to influence Irish conservation policy, good!

And if anyone being accused of bullying had read our article last week asking “Why is PAS lobbying against Europe’s conservation laws” and thought that this question in particular had merit ……

“Why? Why is PAS promoting the British system abroad, despite having no mandate or funding or visible incentive to do so?  Why are the French, Germans, Dutch, Spanish, Poles, Italians, Swedish and Irish being lobbied by a small British quango with an entirely parochial vested interest in praising artefact hunting at home? Why is it commending to others a system which is supported by detectorists in Britain only 30% of the time at best? Why on earth has PAS become part of a campaign run by detectorists to persuade two dozen sovereign European countries to rip up their laws on metal detecting?”

…. then good!






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