So you want to wreck your country’s premier World Heritage landscape with massive new dual carriageways in cuttings? How do you get the locals to enthuse?

Well, you do something you could have done for the past many years but mysteriously you didn’t do until now. You concoct and publish an embarrassingly inappropriate peak-time traffic relief route directing all the A303 traffic straight through a small local community and you announce it in an apparently innocent, chirpy fashion: “Stuck in traffic on the A303 Stonehenge? Our planned upgrades will ease congestion, making journeys faster and more reliable”….


Admittedly it’s 50% further and saves only 8 minutes but that’s not the point. It’s so disruptive it will ensure local support for the short tunnel is solid, and that IS the point, who could seriously deny it?

“Nah, it’s not that at all” – a paid Spokesman.