Relax. Highways England says it’s just “fact finding”! And anyway, there’s a Consultation going on, so nothing’s settled. Allegedly. Two things though:

  • Does that really look like they haven’t decided exactly where to start, irrespective of any consultation? Seriously?
  • And IS it a real Consultation? Rushed through in a couple of weeks following almost no notice and. apart from one exhibition at the Society of Antiquaries. all held locally within Wiltshire! There isn’t even one at Avebury, the other half of the World Heritage Site. Why? This is our national icon and it’s WORLD heritage. Shouldn’t there be exhibitions elsewhere in Britain – and maybe in New York and Paris? Those people beyond Wiltshire and beyond Britain are entitled, are they not, especially as it is mostly foreigners who visit and pay oodles. This is an international issue isn’t it?

Could it possibly be that the Government, the Highways Agency, English Heritage, Historic England and The National Trust are ashamed of what they are doing and are frit that the rest of the world will be appalled? We think so. Why else would the press have been given the line that UNESCO are supportive when it’s untrue? There’s one way to find out. Let the exhibition go on the road! And stop “fact finding” in the meantime else people will think the process is a complete farce.



January 2017

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