Two weeks ago we linked to this video by Julian Richards in which he destroyed the pro-short tunnel case. Now he’s done it again, this time in print. It’s important because it contains a number of clear key statements which  the pro-short tunnel lobby, with its yowling moggy claims (25 so far) simply can’t refute. Here are the three central ones:

  • “Firstly it is simply too short.”
  • “This scheme needs to be re-thought.”
  • “If we go ahead with it as it is then I am convinced that future generations will judge us harshly and ask what were we thinking of to allow this to happen to such an important World Heritage landscape.”

We should like to add our own speculation – that most of those employed by English Heritage, Historic England and The National Trust are privately in agreement with those three points and are distressed by the public stance being adopted by their organisations. How could they not be? And no, “The Government insists” is not a morally acceptable excuse!