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This is from the website of “Lets go Digging” a new detecting rally organisation which is growing exponentially (currently 2,000 members with digs weekly). It seems very likely that it will be the future of artefact hunting in Britain unless The Establishment takes action.

With every day that passes, we are seeing a substantial increase in the amount of people taking up metal detecting.

it won’t be long before there are insufficient farms to meet the demand.

there’s no doubt in our minds that presenting to the landowner as a business is the way forward when it comes to acquiring land nationwide for our members.

We came to a decision that to acquire a permission, we had to make it worth the landowners time, so by pricing a dig at £15  for our full members, we could pay him £10 per head, in most cases a minimum of £400 and in some cases, over £1000.

Our goal is to further strengthen the group next year which will allow us to approach landowners with increasingly generous offers to get their permission to detect and so develop our already considerable land portfolio.

Whilst we are aware that some people may not like the fact we are offering payment, there are few alternatives that will allow this hobby to cater for the growing numbers, especially whilst local clubs are restricting numbers and farmers who have someone already detecting their land and won’t allow any others on.

For us, the goal is to give value for money, to continue to introduce new features to make the day more fun, to develop additional relationships with organisations that can offer our members beneficial advantages and continue to acquire new and  exciting land….. the best land in the best locations nationwide.

We expect all finds to be shown for photographing.





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