Dear Colleagues,

Please be aware. A metal detecting group has just admitted how badly many farmers are treated:

“Whilst we were surveying this permission”……
Surveying?! Be in no doubt: artefact hunting ain’t surveying and absolutely nothing like it. It’s acquiring. Ask any archaeologist. …..
“I sent the landowner a report of the finds and images”.
That’s just plain outrageous!

Friends, PLEASE don’t let anyone tell you that’s OK instead of bringing you your finds in the flesh and straight away. I know many of you are told “it’s OK as it’s all a matter of trust” but that involves only you doing the trusting. The bottom line is that the finds are YOUR property and some could be priceless. Do you want to risk being robbed?

Put it this way: would you let a stranger search through your deceased Granny’s house? And send you photos of what he took away?!

Silas Brown,
Grunters Hollow,