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A recent Freedom of Information request to English Heritage has elicited a fascinating response:.

Q:  “How much does Stonehenge make per year and where does that money go?

A: “I can confirm that English Heritage holds information regarding the income for Stonehenge. However, I believe it to be exempt from disclosure under Section 43 (2) of the Freedom of Information Act 2000.”


A: “In terms of where the money is spent, English Heritage is a charity whose objectives are to conserve the National Heritage Collection of over 400 unique sites and monuments, to the highest standards possible, in keeping with their status as part of England’s national heritage, and to bring history to life in the places where it happened by opening up the sites and monuments to public access, through exhibitions, events and educational programmes, supported through our online content. We want to create inspiring visitor experiences and we want to ensure our historic sites and artefacts are expertly cared for, so they can be enjoyed by future generations. We currently receive annual funding from Government but our goal is to ensure we are financially independent by 2022/23. Surpluses made at our more popular sites are re-invested in other parts of the estate, and in running the business, in pursuit of these aims.”

Can you see anything there about using the money, however much it is, to pay people to lobby online, in print, on TV or in person in support of massive new damage to the Stonehenge World Heritage Landscape? Or to produce reams of propoganda material to back them up including a slick video? We can’t.

Despite the oodles of money Stonehenge yields they’re supposed to be nearly skint. Maybe they’re spending money where they shouldn’t?


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