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Sounds familiar?

“We believe the proposed scheme ….. could be an opportunity to enhance this edge of the park and it is possible that the public benefits of such a project could outweigh harm to the park….. Heritage conservation is all about weighing competing public interests in the balance. If the harm is minimised and the enhancement of the park maximised, we are prepared to be persuaded that a case for the development can be made.”

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Yes, conservation IS usually about weighing competing public interests and yes, sometimes development must win. However, those words were about Calverley Park, Tunbrige Wells and although we don’t know enough about the details to judge what should happen over there we DO know that Calverley Park, Tunbrige Wells is NOT the Stonehenge World Heritage Site.

The difference is pretty simple. Some harm is so profound and some places so special that there should be no talk of harm being minimised and enhancement being maximised as a case for damaging them. Yet that’s exactly what Historic England and others have been saying about the Stonehenge landscape. Do they have no understanding of the term “sacrosanct”?



August 2017

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