Wow! It seems that at the National Trust’s next AGM its members may be allowed a vote on whether trail hunting should be banned on its land. At last! Which prompts a bigger question: will they be allowed a vote on its support for the Stonehenge short tunnel too?

History suggests not, for in advance of the 2015 AGM a member asked them to reconsider their decision but it didn’t come up at the meeting. It was the same at the 2016 AGM, the word Stonehenge didn’t come up at all – not from the platform nor in the form of Members Resolutions, nor in the 22 questions from the floor, nor in the 24 questions submitted in the simultaneous webchat! You’d think it would, and there’d be a vote on it, wouldn’t you? Especially as the Chair, Tim Parker, said “I hope you can see we’re not just trying to take on the nice easy questions”.

Anyway, look out for the 2017 AGM, next October to see if there’s a Stonehenge vote at long last. Of course, to get a vote you need a Members’ Resolution and somehow last year the only two Members’ Resolutions were these ….