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As we recently said, EH, HE and The Trust have adopted an “ignore and misrepresent” tactic over UNESCO’s opposition to a short tunnel. Now Highways England has joined them. Asked about whether UNESCO’s condemnation would matter their Chief Executive said: I don’t think so, I mean we have the support of the major stakeholders.” Outrageous! That means UNESCO aren’t major stakeholders! Nor the wider public, for he says: When you look at the people who are in favour of us doing something they are the people who live somewhere on that corridor and they know the situation is desperate. When you look at the people who object they are, like UNESCO, from all over the world.”

Of course they are, as the suspiciously delayed Consultation result will show. There is massive opposition from eminent archaeologists, historians, writers, architects, artists and a legion of thinking people throughout Britain and the world as well as UNESCO. It’s a signal that the pro-short tunnel advocates are going to say it’s not those views that really matter, it’s the view of the local people – and they all want a solution that damages the World Heritage Site.

It’s not even true that local people want the WHS damaged and as for his implication that local opinions are the only ones that count it means that for the first time probably ever Highways England is saying that only locals should be listened to, which makes them supporters of nimbyism! That alone should be a reason to treat what they say with massive suspicion.


See the full account by The Stonehenge Alliance here.



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