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In June US Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke recommended that Trump should shrink the boundaries of Bears Ears’ National Monument and two others, saying it would be “appropriate to identify and separate the areas that have significant objects to be protected”. Rep. Rob Bishop (R-Utah) painted it in comforting terms: “it’s about how we protect our resources, not if we protect them.” Close your eyes and he could have been a Historic England spokesman!

Let no-one be in doubt, Britain is intending to shrink the Stonehenge World Heritage Site. How else can damaging part of it be seen? And that’s the published intention of EH, HE, the Trust and now Highways England. But do we wish to act like Mr Trump?

Also, there’s a second similarity between Britain and the States: in the words of Jennifer Rokala, executive director of the Center for Western Priorities: “Clearly the outcome of this review was rigged from the beginning, otherwise the Trump administration would have listened to the 2.7 million Americans who told them to leave our parks the way they are.” Exactly the same in Britain: there was a dubious consultation the results of which the authorities are clearly frit to release. What is certain is that vast numbers of people said Hands off Stonehenge but the intention is to say “it’s only the people within the road corridor whose opinion matters!

If you haven’t yet done so please sign the petition to keep Trumpism out of Britain.



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