Shropshire’s latest five-year housing figures make a re-think obligatory say the campaigners. The new figures show the latest Salop 5 year housing land supply is in surplus, with a 6.04 years supply of deliverable housing land, equating to 2,140 homes above target. This opens the way for the 117 houses in the hillfort’s setting to be reviewed with a view to removal.

Dr George Nash, heritage adviser to HOOOH commented: “Shropshire planners have clearly been working hard to turn around housing land supply and should be congratulated on the new figures. This must now provide the basis to review the hillfort allocation which is strongly opposed by many County electors, national heritage and environmental groups, and at the highest levels of British archaeology.”  .

It’s hard to see how his  request can be refused in logic – and not just for now, but forever! Plus, there’s another massive reason why the Hill Fort’s setting should be respected at last: Shropshire Council have just given permission for the erection near Wem of Britain’s third replica ancient burial mound!

Bravo! Giving heritage-aware Salopians exactly what they want – and why not?


Surely, if public appreciation and demand for replica ancient sites is being acknowledged so publicly and clearly then public appreciation and demand for the preservation of Shropshire’s own genuine ancient landscape should also be acknowledged publicly and clearly!

Watch this space!