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Gary Cutlack. Didn’t get the memo.

Clearly no-one told him he was supposed to keep to the official fib so when he reported that detectorists had illegally plundered Roman sites he failed to employ the well-worn term “nighthawks”! So instead he called them “men of a certain age and persuasion” and” late-night detection enthusiasts” indulging in “late-night metal detectorist action of a criminal sort”…..

He got it right. That’s exactly what they were – yet a quite different story – a detector lie – has been served up by both officialdom and detectorists for 20 years. The public has been asked to accept  detectorists who commit crimes are from that moment no longer detectorists, they’re nighthawks, an entirely different species who can never revert back to being detectorists. The effect is as intended: it leaves all detectorists squeaky clean and suitable people to be invited onto the fields and immune from the least criticism by PAS or the BBC!

Well, it’s irrational nonsense, as we’ve been trying to get across for nearly 20 years. It’s impossible for a nighthawk to get information or obtain professional advice or launder looted objects unless they are “responsible detectorists”, rally attendees and regular club members most of the time. Let the BBC and Academia take note (PAS have known all along). As we said back in 2010:

“The difference is simple alright, but wafer thin – since it actually boils down to a purely spatial distinction. A metal detectorist that steps through a hedge becomes a nighthawk and is the devil’s companion according to all other detectorists and PAS – and a nighthawk that hops back over a fence becomes a metal detectorist, and a saint according to all other detectorists and PAS – with all the praise, honour and professional lickspittling that is instantly due to anyone that buys a metal detector in Britain. Like photons, these human versions of the wave-particle duality can flit from one state of reality to the other, depending upon where they are at any particular moment – which no-one can ever know for certain, on account of how dark it gets at night in this country.

All we do know for certain is that the nighthawk manifestation comprises a tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny minority. We know this for certain because the ten thousand detectorist manifestations all tell us so (on the basis, presumably, that each of them personally knows and can absolutely vouch for every single movement, throughout the night, of each of the other 9,999) and on that rock solid and logical basis heritage professionals have loudly asserted in countless press releases for at least thirteen years [20 now – Ed] and at prestigious international conferences that nighthawks are a vanishingly small part of the whole and Britain has built a complete resource protection strategy accordingly. Impressive, eh? A castle built on jelly supplied by the beseigers! The name of one fundamental particle is a “charm” is it not? That’s them, pretty much. Charmed Teflon heroes, unique to Britain, “outreached to” not criticised and permanently bathed in PAS’s purple praise and blinkered bravos!”

Interestingly, the sick clown we highlighted yesterday isn’t a despicable nighthawk, he’s a legal metal detectorist, acting despicably, and embarrassing proof that the human wave-particle duality is real and that the detectorist-nighthawk distinction beloved by PAS press releases is hogwash. Hurrah for Gary Cutlack, the man who inadvertently blurted out that the Emperor has no clothes!






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