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At its AGM on Saturday 21st October the National Trust’s officials will tell Members that damaging the Stonehenge World Heritage Site is justified on the grounds that the benefits outweigh the harm. However:

  1. World Heritage Sites are places of Outstanding Universal Value, as set out in the World Heritage Convention. Britain is committed to protect, conserve, present and transmit to future generations its World Heritage Sites.
  2. The Government wishes to improve the A303 road but only at minimal cost so it is planning a short tunnel at Stonehenge which necessitates constructing massive new approach roads across large swathes of the World Heritage Landscape that it is has undertaken to protect.
  3. UNESCO says no, that will harm the Outstanding Universal Value of the World Heritage Site and the Government must think again.

Thus the Trust’s core stance (that the benefits would outweigh the damage) is a non-starter. The Stonehenge Landscape is sacrosanct, Britain has signed a Convention effectively saying so and the Government must find another way to improve the A303. Please vote to commit the Trust to that stance. (The last day to exercise your proxy vote is this Friday, 13th October. Please ask the Chair to vote FOR the Members’ resolutions).

(PS, whatever the Trust spokesmen may say at the AGM, it does facilitate uncivilised animal cruelty on its land. Please vote to put an unequivocal end to that too).


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