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Readers may recall the two less than complementary reports about the repairs from one of our our Founding Menbers in 2016 (here and here).


One reader had mixed feelings, commenting that they considered that some of the repairs were awful but that “overall I think it’s an improvement“.

Today however we had a further Comment expressing major concern:

“I am a lover of West Kennet Long Barrow and have visited regularly for much of my life and studied archaeology to post grad level. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to visit for a couple of years but I went today with a group of people and was utterly shocked at the so-called “repairs” made to the barrow. Its awful. This webpage is the only evidence I can find so far, so I remain unclear who did the work and why. It seems like a bodge job to me and clearly one done quickly and cheaply. There are remains of plaster within the barrow itself and the skylights are awful. I agree the old windows were tacky but they were a vast improvement to the work that has been done now, which seems to have had no respect for the intricacies of the archaeology within. Raising the floor level was an awful idea. I can only describe what’s been done as desecration and I would like to know further details so I can make a complaint.”


November 2017

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