You just said on the Metal Detecting FB page: “I thought you would like to see this its called a charging boar folding knife handle its Roman it has been to the museum they wanted to keep it, I love it to [sic] much to part with it.”


Wow! So the museum can’t have it because you love it too much! And the farmer can’t have it because (presumably) you got him to sign his rights away in your favour! In which universe does that make you an amateur archaeologist and a heritage hero?

Incidentally, here’s a wild guess. The farmer is unaware the museum wants it and that you’ve refused to donate it to them! Please send us his name and address so we can tell him. Maybe he’ll then demand it back from you saying “I love it too much to part with it” and then HE can give it to the museum.  The chances of him being an avaricious anti-social self-seeking little oik are pretty remote, don’t you think?