The European Council for Metal Detecting (a British inspired organisation formed to persuade Europe to adopt Britain’s metaldetecting regime) has just taken on a new member, ”Pro Detectie” from Romania. It’s bizarre, to say the least, given that Romania’s law says:

> All finds older than 100 years are to be surrendered to the relevant authorities within 72 hours.
> Selling a find is a crime and it is punished by prison time.

We can very safely assume that no British detectorists would countenance the adoption of such a responsible, heritage friendly policy.

So the question arises, how will the European Council for Metal Detecting integrate their new Romanian members? Will it lobby for Romania to abandon its protection regime (which will be impossible) or for Britain to adopt the Romanian system (which will also be impossible)?

The suspicion must arise that the European Council for Metal Detecting is a blowhard organisation that can’t achieve it’s aims.