Last week we pointed out how the Treasure Registrar was whitewashing detectorists. In the 7 days since then (to correspond with the Treasure report perchance?), they (and a FLO) have laid it on even thicker….. 

  1. “Thanks to finder Paul Williams for generously waiving his reward”
  2. “Thank you to the publicly spirited finder for waiving his reward”
  3. Well-done to the finders…. who’ve waived their entitlement to a reward”
  4. “Thank you to those publicly-minded individuals!”
  5. very kindly donated….”
  6. “the finders donated this, too
  7. “”the finders donated to the British Museum – thank you ever so much!!!
  8. “have graciously waived their reward”

Obsequious or what! “Public spirited”, “kind”, “generous”, “gracious” – for not taking money from the public for handing over the public’s property as required by law! There’s nothing public spirited or gracious about that. Plus, there’s never a word about the fact the great majority of detectorists don’t waive their reward and often appeal to get more.

If anyone can show how this isn’t clear evidence of the Establishment spreading fake news and misleading the taxpaying public about the true nature of metal detecting in Britain ….  we’ll publish it!