It’s Hilary McGrady ….

She doesn’t look like a dinosaur so there’s hope that the influences which have brought the Trust’s reputation so low may soon be a thing of the past. Her very first words suggest that could happen: “This is a charity I love because it looks after the things that matter to me personally, the outdoors, the arts, heritage, nature and beauty…… these are things that I believe matter to the nation…..”

Perhaps then she will be receptive to two requests.

On the subject of heritage, will she consider ditching the irrational stance which has done so much to damage the Trust’s reputation: its support for a short tunnel at Stonehenge in defiance of UNESCO, ?

… And on the subject of nature, will she consider banishing trail hunting and its potential for “accidental” cruelty from all National Trust land? Or, if that is too difficult initially (given the fact the Trust has been massively infiltrated by Countryside Alliance supporters), could she at least issue a ruling that any foxhounds on Trust land must be muzzled? We suspect all the hunts will resist, strongly, which should tell her all she needs to know.



Let’s hope Ms McGrady will also reflect on the fact she is heading an organisation that is tolerant of the fact cruel “mistakes” happen on its land at the same time as the Government is introducing a bill increasing the maximum prison sentence for animal abuse from six months to five years! Public attitudes are changing and the real world is impacting upon the fossilised attitudes of the National Trust as never before. Something must surely give? We hope she won’t stand by the fossils!