The excellent and inexpensive-on-others Solstice lantern will be at Stonehenge tonight, Thursday 21st, to capture the last light & celebrate the end of the dark nights. The Lantern procession starts at 4.30pm from Amesbury History centre to Blick Mead.


By contrast thousands of intrepid people will spend an uncomfortable night – some of them arriving at 1.00am – in order to be there to celebrate Winter Solstice at sunrise tomorrow, the 22nd, far far too late!  All for the want of a proper explanation from English Heritage about the fact they think the lantern procession is far more likely to be authentic and the sunrise thing most certainly isn’t!

As the Society of Antiquarians recently observed: “there’s a fundamental need to educate and inform the widest possible audience about the past to achieve a better engagement with the public and thus inspire commitment to the heritage.” But most of all, the all night Winter event as currently held is cold, wet, inconvenient for all concerned and very expensive!