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A week ago we directed this to the new head of the National Trust:
“Let’s hope Ms McGrady will also reflect on the fact she is heading an organisation that is tolerant of the fact cruel “mistakes” happen on its land at the same time as the Government is introducing a bill increasing the maximum prison sentence for animal abuse from six months to five years! Public attitudes are changing and the real world is impacting upon the fossilised attitudes of the National Trust as never before. Something must surely give? We hope she won’t stand by the fossils!”

Today the pressure on her not to stand by the fossils became even greater:

When it comes to allowing cruel “mistakes” The National Trust no longer has friends in high places. Food for thought.

As the Campaign Against Cruel Sports has just commented: ”

“Meanwhile, this Boxing Day, hunts will parade, and claim that the number of people watching them is a sign that hunting is as popular as ever. This year has shown that not to be true. The election showed that people are massively opposed to the killing of animals. The National Trust story showed that people previously didn’t realise that trail hunting generally equals ‘lethal’ hunting – but more of them do now. And the new Animal Welfare Bill showed that the government has realised that voters in this country want them to be compassionate towards animals. It’s not been a good year for hunting.”  Nor for the Trust!


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