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Last May we highlighted how farmers were being offered up to £1,000 to allow metal detecting on their land. 7 months later the offers have risen by 750% !

“We are looking for around 1000 acres of arable to hold a metal detecting rally on after harvest in September 2018 . This will be a 3 day event fully organised, managed and insured by ourselves. This will be for around 800+ people and we are willing to pay between £6,000 – £7,500 for the right land. Please PM your contact details if interested. Thanks.”

But how can they afford it? Well, it’s simple! The £45 entry fee x 800 people equals £36,000 – more than enough to provide a huge bribe to the farmer and a massive profit for the organisers. (Incidentally, next time you hear detectorists find very little of value remember that entry fee!).

The above shows 800 “citizen archaeologists” as PAS has called them scouring one farm for personal benefit for 3 days, paying £45 each – an event that would be considered crass and unlawful in other countries. Will the CBA or any archaeological body tell farmers so or will they be content to continue to leave it to the likes of us alone?

UPDATE 8/1/18:
Response from one of the “citizen archaeologists” (posted on the Rescue FB page):
“Who wrote this? Does he want to be a moving target for the rest of his life?”





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