Ed Vaizey is mostly a good guy and we wish him well. But sadly he isn’t always well briefed – witness his 2013 assertion that metal detectorists are true heritage heroes which prompted a furious reaction from heritage professionals. Now he has made another ill-informed and ill-timed assertion: “Stonehenge should not be a drive by attraction”.  However:

1.) That couldn’t be more factually incorrect. Stonehenge has probably been visible to passers-by continuously for 4 millennia so claiming that shouldn’t be the case is pretty strange.
2.) His statement also couldn’t have been more ill-timed for on the same day the Highways Agency announced: “In a bid to prevent motorists from falling asleep at the wheel on a dull, grey motorway, Highways England has announced plans to design roads with ‘eye-catching vistas’. It’s claimed that making roads more interesting to drive on could combat driver fatigue, and therefore increase safety.

Did Ed’s people talk to their people? Or archaeologists?

Of the Brexit vote Mr Vaizey said “We sort of stuffed the country up by accident.” It’s to be hoped he doesn’t help do the same to Stonehenge.