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You may recall we previously featured a series of Stonehenge yowling moggies (we got up to 25, you can see them here ) You might ask what IS a yowling moggy. Well, it’s our polite way of describing the cacophany of distorted information being provided by The Establishment and others attempting to pull the wool over the public’s eyes.

Here’s number 26. It’s a beauty. Below are the dates and venues where the public are to be given information about the short tunnel and the one mile of new dual carriageway over the World Heritage Site….


Notice something? Bear in mind this is a World Heritage Site. Yet the information is being put on display for just 8 hours in London and 280 hours in the Wiltshire area – and nowhere else!

Bear in mind the vast, vast majority of stakeholders, travellers and visitors are located elsewhere in Britain and the world. How come they are not being properly informed and consulted? Why isn’t there a permanent display of the proposals in London? And New York? And Paris? It’s pretty clear that Highways England think they’ll get majority support in Wiltshire  (although that’s a very moot point) and that there would be consternation elsewhere. In other words they are attempting to obtain a resounding “Yay” to their plans by asking a tiny, tiny proportion of the stakeholders. If this was an election it would be deemed corrupt.


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