Avebury is temporarily closed by the National Trust due to the effects of the weather. Perfectly understandable but why try to make it about the Trust? Jan Tomlin, their Avebury and Stonehenge manager said:

We’ve not taken this decision lightly. The National Trusts pledge is to protect Avebury and the other sites we care for, for ever, and for everyone, and it’s a pledge that we take very seriously indeed” and Dr Nick Snashall, their archaeologist added “… it’s our responsibility to make sometimes difficult decisions that will ensure it’s here for another 5,000 years and beyond.

Just how heroic in its own opinion can one organisation be?

And how blatantly two sided? For at Stonehenge this same National Trust is pushing for a short tunnel which currently means a cutting for a new four lane expressway that is at least 60 metres wide and over 8 metres deep over 1km in length inside the World Heritage Site. A cutting that is predicted to trash a Neolithic and Bronze Age settlement opposite the Winterbourne Stoke barrow group.